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Online sports nutrition and supplements store

Supplementing nutrition is a practice that is increasingly used by athletes of all categories and by sports fans, who have understood that reaching the highest physical performance depends equally on the effort you put into training as well as the food that is part of it. of your diet.

Opting for sports supplements helps balance your diet and choose specific nutritional elements as needed, so visiting a sports nutrition store like MuscleVip is an excellent choice.

Who are we and how can we help you?

At MuscleVip we are experts in sports supplementation and nutrition, an excellent place where you can find a wide variety of sports supplements, especially protein supplements.

We help you select the product you need, supplements, vitamins, amino acids and many options of fitfood products.

We have the best sports supplements on the market, big brands and excellent quality, above all.

Unlike other sports nutrition stores, at MuscleVip we continually innovate and develop our own brand products, designed for customers who seek the best.

In our online store you can find everything you need to complement your diet, there are products for all kinds of needs, whether you are a high-performance athlete or just starting out in sports. Also for people who opt for a more complete and selective nutrition.

What sports supplements can you find at MuscleVip?

At MuscleVip, we have it all, the best protein brands, creapure creatines, monohydrated creatines, BCAA's amino acids, pre-workout and post-workout supplements, vitamins, minerals, snacks, dressings, energizers and much more.

A wide diversity of categories, products with different functions, variety of brands and presentations.

One of the most important categories in the sports supplements market is that of gaining muscle, in which we have whey proteins, protein isolates, essential amino acids, non-essential amino acids, vegan proteins and animal proteins.

When you decide to supplement your diet with protein, it is because an extra dose of protein is needed to increase muscle volume.

For many, daily food is not enough. And training, especially if it is high-performance, requires increasing the number of grams of protein to balance wear and tear and provide the body with the necessary levels to maintain and generate muscle tissue.

In our online store you can check that we have the best protein brands on the market.

Also in this category we have amino acids that are the structural basis of proteins, which in turn form muscle tissue, are particularly important in the assimilation of other substances and in recovery processes, hence the emphasis on ensuring the amount of protein.

Amino acids are divided into essential, non-essential, and conditional. In the first case, the essential ones must be provided by the diet, since the organism does not synthesize them by itself. Therefore it is essential to ingest them through supplements. Non-essentials are those that the body synthesizes naturally.

However, in most people with an adequate protein intake there may be some deficiencies in this regard, especially non-carnivorous people and those subjected to high physical performance.

Taking L-carnitine, creatine monohydrate, arginine, leucine, glutamine and BCAAs, or other compounds that combine some of these substances is increasingly common.

One of the main objectives in any sport to have an appropriate physical performance is to reach the perfect weight. Whether it's losing unwanted weight, eliminating fatty tissue or building lean mass.

Fat settles in our body quickly, but getting rid of it is difficult. For this, there are products that help us accelerate the burning of lipids, speeding up the process.

Within these we find thermogenic supplements.

Whey proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and natural energy substances increase your resistance and reduce fatigue in general.

Although protein supplements are among the most sought after, recovery supplements are also necessary. These improve the body's response after training. Reduces fatigue, muscle stress, repairs tissues, regulates blood glucose and can even help to better assimilate rest or sleep times.

Energy supplements have a wide range of options, ranging from products rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, amino acids and other substances of natural origin.

A category that we recommend visiting to all our customers is health and well-being, where you will find products that improve health in general or that soothe discomforts of different origin.

Substances such as green tea, frenogreco, omega 3, complex B, glutamine, magnesium, probiotics and more than a hundred different products, complete the selection that we offer to all those who maintain their health with natural sources.

Something you cannot miss is the fitfood or healthy food section, snacks, creams, butters, oils, energy bars, flour, cookies and other foods that contribute in a healthy, economical and simple way to a better diet.

You cannot miss the packs section, within which supplements have been selected that combine very well with others, with respect to content, nutrients and technical recommendations for greater assimilation and use.

Another extraordinary advantage is that when buying the supplements together, it can also represent a reduction in the final cost, because at MuscleVip the prices are affordable and we always have discounts.

Athletes, in addition to supplements, require special accessories to complete their routines properly, in the online store we have an accessories section, here you can buy gloves, bottles, mixers, mitts, bands and others.

Get to know our own manufactured products

We currently have two own brands, which we have developed with the goal of offering customers high-quality supplements, with the best ingredients and at competitive prices.

The first brand we present is MuscleFit, the options are very varied, such as supplements to make protein shakes, protein isolate, whey protein, packs to increase muscle mass, creatine, increase strength and definition.

In second option is Addition Pro that also has options of protein supplements, isolate protein or protein isolate, whey protein and creatine monohydrate.

They can be purchased individually, but another option is to purchase them together, as muscle-enhancing packs. A detail of great value is that within the ingredients we have incorporated elements of high nutritional and biological value such as Lacprodan from Arla and Provon from Gamblia.

You can see that we have high quality standards, similar to and better than recognized brands, but we are better in price.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected, we have invested time and effort in creating different supplements for athletes, which meet all the requirements of content, presentation, nutritional richness and also have an excellent taste.

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